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tv   America This Morning  ABC  August 16, 2013 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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making news in america this morning -- a country in crisis. the casualties in egypt continue to rise. and today is shaping to be a violent friday, as groups call for a day of rage. we are live with the very latest. breaking overnight, a powerful earthquake rattles nerves and builds in a country's capital. the damage being assessed right now. stepping out. rescued teen hannah anderson is seen in public for the first time since being kidnapped. and in plain sight. what is it? and why did it take so long to discover? and good friday morning to you. i'm gio benitez in for john
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muller. >> gio, we're happy to have you here. and i'm diana perez. we're going to begin with a new threat of violence for egypt. >> the calm streets in cairo right now will likely change as the day goes on. supporters of ousted president mohamed morsi, are calling for a massive protest against military rule. >> that leader is facing condemnation here in the u.s., as well. tahman bradley is joining us from washington with more. good morning, tahman. >> reporter: good morning, diana and gio. the muslim brotherhood is calling for a friday of anger today, stoking fears of more bloodshed. the international community is worried that the crisis in egypt is worsening. cairo is poised to erupt again today. the muslim brotherhood, which supports ousted president mohamed morsi, has called for mass protest marches after friday prayers. the ruling military will be waiting. egypt's interior minister authorized the use of deadly force against demonstrators who target police or state buildings. the country remains in a state of emergency, after wednesday's bloody crackdown on pro-morsi
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supporters. the government now says more than 600 people were killed. >> you can't kill your own people. and get away with it. >> reporter: egypt's christians are pleading for help. they say a number of churches have come under attacks of people accusing them of siding with the military. one woman says her church was doused in gasoline. >> it's completely black, the statues and the paintings are on the ground, mostly. the tinted glass, it is heartbreaking. >> reporter: president obama condemned the violence. he canceled a joint u.s./egyptian military exercise, but stopped short of putting the $1.3 billion in aid america provides to our key middle east ally. >> our continued cooperation cannot continue as usual when civilians are being killed in the streets and rights are being rolled back. >> reporter: some in egypt are furious at the u.s. america will pay the price for this, a woman says.
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the next terrorists will come from the families of those who were killed here. as the tension grows, a lot of people around the world are wondering this morning is this is the e ginning of an egyptian civil war. diana? >> tahman bradley from washington for us this morning. thank you. and new overnight, a strong earthquake causing some serious damage in new zealand. it had some radio deejays scared and ducking for cover under equipment. the shaking of the magnitude 6.5 quake also destroyed a bridge and damaged several homes. it also ruptured a tank at a winery, spilling over 65,000 gallons of wine. no serious injuries have been reported. and new this morning, a bombshell report about government surveillance. "the washington post," found that the national security agency breaks privacy rules and oversteps legal boundaries thousands of times a year. the report says the violations range from the significant to the trivial. it cites a programming error
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that confused u.s. area code for 202 to 02, the international code for egypt. and that resulted a large number of calls being intercepted from washington. investigators looking into the crash of the u.p.s. jet in birmingham say there's no evidence of engine failure. the plane was trying to land on a shorter-than-usual runway, when it crashed in the pre-dawn hours wednesday. the black boxes have been recovered and could begin to yield important new clues as early as today. a con artist who once passed himself off as a member of the rockefeller family has been sentenced to 27 years or life in prison, for the murder of his landlady's son. christian gerhard strider represented himself at a hearing in los angeles. the remains of the victim was discovered nearly ten years after he vanished. but his wife was never found. gerhard strider still denies killing them. another woman has come forward to accuse san diego mayor bob filner of harassment.
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she's 67-year-old peggy shannon who came public with her accusations yesterday. shannon also claims he requested dates with her. >> he would take my hand and talk about us getting together the next weekend. i knew he was engaged. and i felt very shocked and upset that he would think that i would go out with him. every day that i went to work, i had butterflies in my stomach because i did not know what was going to happen the next time the mayor came by my desk. >> more than a dozen women have now accused filner. shannon is the second city employee to do so. filner is scheduled to return to work next week after two weeks of intensive therapy. a wildfire in utah is still keeping nearly 300 families in limbo this morning, with no clear idea of when they'll be allowed back in their homes. after 14 homes were destroyed, firefighters working in
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90-degree heat finally started to make progress near the resort town of park city. but they say it's still touch and go because the winds could shift at any time. and on the other side of the country, another day of soaking rain is in store for much of the already-soggy southwest. a stagnant storm is hovering, flooding streets and stalling cars from alabama to the carolinas. three inches of rain came down in charleston, south carolina. and for many of those states, last month went down as one of the wettest julies on record. and a storm system churning over the yucatan in the gulf of mexico is bringing more rain to the south throughout the weekend. it could strengthen into tropical storm fernand late tonight. but it's too early to tell if it's going to hit the u.s. the tropical storm erin has formed in the atlantic. but it's not expected to affect land. it's time, now, for the weather from across the nation. it's another soggy day for the southeast. charlotte and savannah and
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pensacola could pick up several inches of rain. pleasant and dry in the midwest. thunderstorms are a threat for texas, oklahoma and new mexico. >> phoenix could hit 109. pleasant in the southeast. boston and new york in the low 80s. now, an update from a family that suffered unimaginable tragedy in april's boston marathon bombing. the richard family lost their 8-year-old son, martin, in the attack. his mother was gravely injured. and his 7-year-old sister, jane, lost a leg. >> the richards family released a statement yesterday saying jane is doing well on her new prosthetic leg, even dancing on it. and, quote, strutting around on it in great pride. in contrast, the pain of losing martin is constant. boston's forum restaurant reopens to the public today. it was the closest establishment to the second bomb blast at the marathon. the forum is the last business to reopen its doors. two from the snack world
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have come together. wait until you see what frito lay is selling now. and out in public. the california teen who was kidnapped and rescued is seen for the first time since her ordeal. and raising concerns once again. the death of an infant is re-igniting the controversy around laundry detergent pods. we'll be right back.
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to o p [laughing] [laughing hesitantly] [laughing evilly] sign. announcer: if you're facing foreclosure, talk to the right people. speak with hud-approved housing counselors free of charge at... welcome back. stocks are sliding overseas this morning, following yesterday's dive by u.s. markets. all three major indices were down on thursday. the dow plunged 225 points, its worst trading day in nearly 2
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months. despite this, stocks futures were up overnight. ford is slashing the mileage rating on its newest hybrid, following complaints by consumers. the 2013 c-max was advertised as getting 47 miles per gallon for city driving. ford is dropping that number to 40 and reimbursing buyers and leases. many owners claimed the car did not live up to its official rates. "the washington post" website is back up and running this morning after a cyber attack. yesterday, the news site was hacked by a group called the syrian electronic army, which supports syria's president bashar al assad. several other u.s. news outlets were also affected. the cost of raising a child continues to go up. the usda says parents will pay $241,080 for a child until the age of 18. that's 2.6% higher than last year's report. and altogether, an enormous amount of money. and talk about a weird snack combo. frito lay is selling
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pepsi-flavored cheetos for a limited time in japan. but you can get your hands on some, too. we found this bag on ebay. a set of seven bags for 50 bucks. >> i don't think i want to ever have that taste in my mouth. >> i'm not sure about that. pepsi. do they have it in diet? >> diet pepsi-flavored cheetos, there's something for you. you want to get saccharin in your body, do it through a cheeto. when we come back, growing concerns. we have new information about the health risks of coffee and what it could mean for your lifespan. out in public. a wwe star becomes the first professional wrestler to announce he's gay.
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delays are possible in atlanta, charlotte, raleigh and miami. back to the news, now. the 16-year-old california girl rescued after a harrowing kidnapping ordeal was out in public for the first time since reuniting with her father. >> hannah anderson attended a fund-raiser for her family at a suburban san diego restaurant yesterday. she was quickly ushered inside and did not speak to the media. but her father did talk about speaking with the horseman who spotted hannah. >> i have talked directly with the horseman. and that went very well. gave him our thanks and our love and gratitude. there's a wonderful thing with a chance encounter. but it did save my daughter's life. so, other than that, hannah sends her love. she's doing good day by day. >> new information surfaced about hannah's kidnapper. search warrants reveal that james dimaggio used incendiary devices to set two fires to his home, where hannah's mother and brother were found dead.
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there was also a handwritten note. but no details on what it said. a 7-month-old boy has died after eating a laundry detergent pod. it's a tragedy that poison control experts had warned about. the colorful pods are attractive to children. more than 5,000 children have been sickened from ingesting the popular pods. now, tide was not the brand swallowed by the baby in florida. but it has changed its packaging from what looked like a candy jar to an orange container with a triple latch. and we have some alarming news this morning for heavy coffee drinkers. new research from the mayo clinic shows that people under 55 who drink more than four cups of coffee a day, have a higher risk of dying. as for why, near rows include stress, high caffeine intake and lack of sleep. the good news here, though, is, people over 55 seem to be able to drink any amount of coffee they want. you have to wait until 55 before you can have four cups of coffee. a german tourist is recovering after a shark attack off the hawaiian island of maui. the 20-year-old woman lost her
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right arm from the shoulder-down. she had been snorkeling about 50 yards offshore when the attack happened. bystanders heard the woman scream, put her on a kayak and brought her land. actress lisa robin kelly, best moan known for her part on "that 70s show," has died at the age of 43. the actor who struggled with addiction was found in her dead at a rehab facility in california. kelly landed her big break when she was cast as lisa foreman, the big sister of topher grace's character on that hit show. the cause of death is unknown. we both love this story. a washington state 911 operator is being hailed for saving a wedding. she took a call from a distressed bride-to-be, who needed to report a theft. and here's how it all went down. take a listen. >> 911. >> i'm calling to report some stuff stolen. my -- my wedding dress. >> are you getting married today? >> yes.
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>> what size is your dress? >> it turns out, they were the same size. so, the operator got the bride the dress she wore just 18 months prior. and the bride says her day went without a hitch. >> oh, my gosh. i get chills every time i hear this story. my favorite of the day. a surprise in the wrestling world. wwe wrestler darren young has announced that he is gay. the 33-year-old athlete is now the first openly-gay pro wrestling star in a major organization. young broke the news during a tmz interview at l.a.x. when a cameraman asked if he thought a gay wrestler would be successful in the wwe. to which young says, absolutely. look at me. i'm gay and i'm very happy. >> i'll have more on that story on "gma." >> good for him. we're excited for him. we'll have a treat for football fans out there. some preseason action last night. >> here, now, our friends at espn with some highlights. >> good morning, america. we're sitting on the "sportscenter" desk in los
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angeles. now, the eagles are waiting to pick a first-string quarterback. let's see. will it be michael vick or nick foles? that's the decision. lesean mccoy, he's going to help whoever is back there. mccoy, 8 carries, 74 yards. in for the touchdown there. eagles beat the panthers, 14-9. falcons and ravens. 55 yards, falcons up 10-7. second quarter, joe flacco looking for jacoby jones. the ball pops up. asante samuel. the ball came loose. the ravens would recover before the game was over. they win 27-23. pirates/cardinals. n.l. central. russell martin, off trevor rosenthal in the top of the eighth. solo shot ties it at 5-5. bottom 12. cardinals have runners on the corners. matt holliday off brian morris. pittsburgh's lead in the n.l. central, down to two.
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>> a very entertaining series between those two, with a lot on the line. >> i thought we were entertaining, as well. >> i'd agree. that's all we got, though. back to you. >> if we had more time, we could entertain them longer. but we don't. >> they are entertaining. >> so entertaining. thank you, guys. let's going to be a battle at the box office this weekend. can the one-time queen of daytime television dominate the big screen? >> it's oprah winfrey's first major movie performance in 15 years. as she appears in "the butler," alongside forest whitaker, who plays the butler who served eight presidents. the movie is getting great critical buzz. >> also opening this weekend is "jobs," starring ashton kutcher as apple co-founder steve jobs. but the bio pic is expected only to make a measly 10 million bucks. for the price of six shares of apple. >> measly. >> just measly. which of the two are you going to see? we heard the reviews. >> "the butler." but i like the jobs story. >> i want to see them both. coming up, "the pulse."
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hello? ally bank. your money needs an ally. ♪ glory days they'll pass you by ♪ ♪ glory days "glory days" from the boss there to begin your friday "pulse." starting with a guy who has seen tons of glory days. he claims to have been born in 1890. >> that would make bolivian cattle herder carmelo flores laura 123 years old and the oldest living person ever documented. he has no teeth and is nearly deaf. but, hey, he walks without a cane and speaks with a firm voice. >> he credits his incredible longevity to all the walking he's done with his animals. he eats barley instead of
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noodles. and drinks water that originates from the fourth-highest mountain in bolivia. >> and we need a bottle of that water, immediately. now, we have some science here of the most adorable kind. researchers say the animal kingdom just got a little bit bigger. >> that's all thanks to the furry little mammal called the olinguito. it's about 14 inches long with an equally long tail and it weighs about 2 pounds. they live in the forest of ecuador and colombia. >> and apparently one of them once lived in the national zoo in washington. but scientists there thought it was a totally different species. >> adorable. >> he is adorable. finally, another animal here in "the pulse." and this one is our "play of the day." it happened wednesday night in atlanta. >> that's when an apparently injured bat landed in the field -- in the infield, that is, as the braves were taking on the phillies. an atlanta player picked it up in its glove and passed it to the bat boy who carried it off in a towel. >> when it got to the dugout, the players seemed a little
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>> live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> it is 4:28, happy friday! >> mike has the weekend forecast. we will talk about how the commute. change. we have half a mile at santa rosa and over foggy spots but they are not at the report station so you will find patchy fog this morning. in the southeast from our camera over the embarcadero the winds are not blowing too quick. it will be cooler today. lower 80's to lower 90's and 70 to 80 around the bay and lower to middle 70's around san
4:29 am
francisco. i could see a few drops but it is not sticking to the ground or causing a slopry conditions. what we have is a crash in livermore traveling eastbound a 80, a two-car crash blocking two lanes in the clearing sames but not causing delays in the westbound or westbound direction of the westbound is clear and here is the drive time traffic at 23 minutes out of tracy to dublin and westbound highway from antioch to concord is 14 minutes and san rafael to san francisco is 1 minutes and outside we have a look at san jose, 101 away from 880 clear conditions and a few headlights moving in the northbound direction. >> bay bridge commuters have less than two weeks to get a backup plan in order now that officials have decided to move ahead and on the eastern span after labor day weekend but that means sever days of headache and detours.
4:30 am
amy? >> people on this side of the bay areas will have a tough few days. those would live here but work in san francisco will have a tough time. they will shut down both bridges for a few days. in two weeks, if you are headed to to the bridge in two weeks that is not an option during the labor day holiday weekend but three of the days of weekdays, august 28 through september 2. that is going to impact people would have to get to work. >> hopefully since it is labor day weekend people will take time off but i will work until friday. >> going to be tough. the bolts that are broken will not be fixed by the time the bridge opens but


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